What’s the Point?

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately. Why should I live by faith every day? Am I even loved? Why should my life have Jesus written all over it? What’s the point?

We are representing Jesus because of who He is- our sacrificial lamb who paid the price for all our sins when he died on the cross. The one who carried us from death to eternal life in His presence, which means that we can have a deep, sincere relationship with Him. When we remember why we live for Him each day, we begin to make sense of our purpose. Throughout lockdown, I have descended into a cycle of constant doubt and emptiness because I felt as if I had no purpose, but my mission on earth is clear- to live each day for Jesus and declare His glory. The same is true for you and every other believer of Christ.

Don’t fall hostage to the pressures of this world. You can be a rebel in a self-gratifying society. You are cherished. You are dearly loved. You have a significant purpose far greater than you can comprehend.

Published by thewordisout

20, Christian, Uni Student

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