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74% of South Yorkshire stop and searches result in no further action disposal

More than 70% of stop and searches in South Yorkshire by police resulted in no further action disposal.

According to, the latest figures showed a total of 1483 people were stopped and searched on the roads. 239 vehicles were also stopped and searched.

A total of 1284 people were given a no further action disposal. In 12% of cases, arrests were made, 4% were given a community resolution, 3% were given a khat or cannabis warning, 2% were charged by post and 1% were cautioned with a warning.

The age group that was stopped the most was 18-24s with the 479 stop and searches, followed by 25-34s with 385, followed by over 34s with 352 and lastly 10-17s with 268 stop and searches.

A total of 160 women were stopped and searched. 51% of searches were for drugs, 29% was for stolen goods, 6% was for offensive weapons, 6% was for articles for use in theft, 3% was for anything to threaten or harm anyone and 2% was for articles for use in criminal damage.

Out of 1323 men stopped and searched, 56% were searched for drugs, 16% were searched for articles for use in theft, 13% were searched for stolen goods, 9% were searched for offensive weapons, 2% were searched for articles for use in criminal damage, 0.8% were searched for anything to threaten or harm and 0.5% were searched for firearms.

The data also reveals the lack of diversity within the South Yorkshire police force as 1238 officers doing stop and searches were White, 154 of officers were Asian, 104 of officers were Black and 26 officers identified as Other.

Legally, the police have the power and right to stop and search people who they suspect are carrying unlawful items. As stated on, Section 1 of the Police and Evidence Act 1984 allows the police to stop and search persons, vehicles or anything that is in that vehicle.

However, the police may not carry out stop and searches if it is evident that there is no need to do so. Their policy also states, ‘A police officer need not conduct a search if it subsequently appears to them no search is required.’

Police stop and searches appear to be unsuccessful as the rate of no further action disposals surges to 74% #NoFurtherAction #StopAndSearch

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