Back to Normality

Most -if not all- of people living in the UK will be looking forward to tomorrow- restrictions being lifted, non-essential shops being opened and a general sense of restored normality. As Christians, how are we going to respond to this and reflect our unmoving identity in Christ? The Bible tells us to remember Christ inContinue reading “Back to Normality”

Follow His Plan

God has a carefully structured plan for each of our lives, and it’s important that we follow it. Even though it is easy to believe that the plans we make for ourselves are immaculate and without error, they are matchless in comparison to what God has designed for our lives: ‘And we know that inContinue reading “Follow His Plan”

Shrove Tuesday

The day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. As you enjoy making ,and eating, your pancakes, always remember the grace and faithfulness of Christ! As we give up something for God this Lent, let us not forget all the He gave for our sake- the redemption of our souls and reconciliation in Christ.

Thoughtless Words

Our words have power and it’s important that we choose them wisely. The things we say can either lift or break the spirit of others, as well as impact how they perceive their situation. Particularly during these unsettling times, we are called to speak words of life and not make thoughtless, inconsiderate remarks: Proverbs 15:4 “GentleContinue reading “Thoughtless Words”

Unwavering Faith

Throughout this pandemic, there are times when I have found myself prioritising the fleeting things of this world rather than the eternal treasures resting within Scripture. During moments like these, I find that the only true solution is to go back to God’s Word and find peace within His promises, as well as apply HisContinue reading “Unwavering Faith”

Tug of War

Have you ever found yourself struggling with God for His throne? Have you ever felt like you want to place yourself in His position as the ultimate decision maker and judge, because you disapprove of His Will and plan for your life? With the current lockdown, it can be easy to play tug-of-war with Christ.Continue reading “Tug of War”

Thinking Ahead

Jesus was always thinking ahead- For His people, His mission and His message. A prominent example of this relieving truth lies in the Book of Luke: ‘For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict.’ Luke 21:15 The Lord was speaking here ofContinue reading “Thinking Ahead”

Be Glorified

This year has been far from easy. The pressures, stresses and burdens of life have taken a toll on us all, yet the Father’s name remains glorified. God is still using His children during a time that is frustrating, difficult and complicated to understand, to glorify His magnificent name. Even though we may feel beatenContinue reading “Be Glorified”

Divine Protection

As Jesus is about to sacrifice Himself on the cross, we see how Jesus prays for His people. In particular, He prays for the Father to provide heavenly protection and unity, as Jesus prepares to leave the earth. “I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and IContinue reading “Divine Protection”