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Under 10% of South Yorkshire stop-and-searches result in arrest

Fewer than 10% of police stop and searches in South Yorkshire in October resulted in an arrest.

The latest figures from showed a total of 1435 people were stopped and searched on the roads. 191 vehicles were also searched.

A total of 131 arrests were made. In 78% of cases, no further action was taken; 9% were cautioned; 4% were given a community resolution; 3% were charged by post; 3% were given a khat or cannabis warning; and 1% were given a penalty notice for disorder.

The age group that was stopped the most was 18-24 with 387 stop and searches, followed by 10-17 with 336, then followed closely by over 34s with 335, followed by 25-34s with 308 and lastly under 10s with 1 stop and search.

A total of 171 women were stopped and searched. 49% of searches were for drugs, 26% was for stolen goods, 9% were for fireworks, 8% were for offensive weapons, 3% was for theft, 2% was for articles use in criminal damage, 2% was for firearms and 2% was for anything to threaten or harm anyone.

Out of 1246 men stopped and searched, 59% were searched for drugs, 12% were searched for articles in use of theft, 9% were searched for offensive weapons, 9% were searched for stolen goods, 6% were searched for fireworks, 3% were searched for articles in use of criminal damage, 1% were searched for anything used to threaten or harm and 1% were searched for firearms.

Out of the stop and searches, a total of 59% were for drugs.

According to, there were 375,588 stop and searches made in England and Wales (excluding vehicle searches) between the period of April 2018 and March 2019. However, stop and search rates have fallen for every ethnic group, but at different rates. Between April 2018 and March 2019, there were 4 stop and searches for every 1000 white people, compared with 38 for every 1000 black people.

Rate of arrests in police stop and searches drop drastically to under 10% #JusticeForCrime #ArrestCriminals #StopAndSearch

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